Legal information

In this big uncertain world we live in we’d like to be able to reassure you of at least one thing, how we treat any information we might have about you.

What We Know from Your Visit to This Website

As with all websites, when you visit us here our server automatically records some simple, anonymous information about your computer including which operating system you’re using (Windows XP, Mac OS X etc), which web browser you’re using (Firefox, Safari etc) and your IP address (a unique series of 4 sets of numbers that you service provider allocates to you when you go on the internet). Our server also records whether you’ve come to our site via a link from another site, which pages you’ve looked at and what the last page was that you looked at before you left.

The only way that we can know any personal information about you is if you fill in any forms and send it to us.

What We Do With What We Know

All of the general information our server collects is used to make graphs and as a warm, tasty filling for pie-charts to give us a very general overall view of how people are using our website.

Any personal information you send us is used to be able to contact you and tell you about Port Street Beer House and anything else related that we think you should know. We also use our supercomputer to analyse what kinds of people are interested in Port Street Beer House (age groups, where they are in the World and what proportion of boys and girls). Why? We’re just nosey I guess.

Who We Pass This Information On To

No-one, that’s who. Not for love nor money will we hand over any of the personal information that you’ve sent us (unless we’re legally obliged to of course).

How Safe Your Information Is

Everything is protected by password, whether it’s on our server or our big supercomputer at PSBH HQ, so it’s as safe as it can be really.

Your Right To Know What We Know About You

Yep, that’s right, you are legally entitled to see a copy of whatever information we have about you so if you’re interested then just write a letter to : Port Street Beer House, 39 to 41 Port Street, Manchester M1 2EQ

What About Everyone Else

Whilst our site links to some other sites, we cannot be held responsible for the content of other sites or their privacy policies. You access these other site at your own risk.

Cookie Monster

This website makes use of things called cookies for it to do what what we want it to do. Cookies are simply tiny files that your browser creates to store a few little bits of information such as which page on the calendar you’re looking at or whether you’ve filled-in the membership form. You can set your browser to tell you when you’re receiving this information and you can even turn cookies off (but if you do the calendar won’t work!)