IMBC Ticket Update (we’re nearly sold out)

To confirm, if you’ve saved all of your wristbands from the past ten years you get in for free* For those who have yet to get one… here’s the latest on Tix for Indy Man.

Friday evening & Saturday SOLD OUT but we have a few full fat tickets which can grant you access. Plus, we’ve just released some production holds for Friday morning too, though they’re super limited, and are the last that will be available

A small chunk available for Sunday which is arguably the best day to attend. A slim amount available for Thursdays session – we’re talking 10 – too.

We’re nearly sold out, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Buy tickets here.

*I’m confident that no one has and I wont get into trouble for this statement

IMBC 2022 Trade Session – applications open

This year’s trade session will take place on Thursday 29th September, 4.30pm to 10.30pm at iconic venue, Victoria Baths, Manchester.

As in previous years, if you work within the beer or hospitality industries, you can apply for a maximum of two tickets per company – this is due to demand. Please note, an application is not a guarantee of a ticket, and due to the high number of requests we receive every year.

If your application is successful you will be sent the number of tickets we can accommodate 1-week prior to the event. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Apply for trade tickets at this link.

Volunteer at IMBC 2022


Be a huge part of this year’s Independent Manchester Beer Convention when you give your time as a volunteer in exchange for beer and other rewards. You could be pouring beer or helping out operationally with the running of the festival via a number of roles.

In exchange for your time and effort as a volunteer, you will be given…

Beer tokens!
Ticket to a session of your choice!

Free meal!
IMBC T-shirt!
A good time!
…plus a £25 Nell’s Pizza voucher to enjoy after the event!

Full information and application HERE to register your interest in volunteering at IMBC 2022.

Safety & Inclusion at IMBC

IMBC has a zero tolerance approach to any type of harassment, bullying or assault based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, body size and physical appearance. The festival was created to bring like minded people together to celebrate what we all love in a safe environment and we continue to uphold this and work to improve.

We will exclude anyone who discriminates against anyone at the festival on any grounds. We operate on a one strike and you’re out approach. 

We will not serve products with sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or any other discriminatory branding.

If you experience any form of harassment or abuse, or see anything that makes you uncomfortable, please report it to a member of the Summer Beer Thing team or security. We will take you somewhere quiet and you can give us as much information as you are comfortable sharing, and we will take steps to ensure that the individual(s) involved are dealt with. We will keep you informed with our steps and make sure you’re happy with these. Any reports made to us are treated in confidence, but if we need to involve anyone else, we will check with you first to ensure you’re happy with this. It is vital for us to make sure you are in control of the situation throughout.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to know more about our safety and inclusion policies, please feel free to email Becca at

IMBC 2022 tickets now on sale

Tickets for IMBC 2022 are now on sale.

Let’s keep this short, as any extra time reading this message is time wasted. Indy Man Beer Con tickets are now on general sale for every session. If pre-sale is anything to go by, they’re going to be gone quicktime. Click the link below to purchase, or forever hold your peace.

Tickets for this year’s event are priced at:

Thursday Evening (5.30pm – 10.30pm) £14.50
Friday Morning (11am – 4pm) £14.50
Friday Evening (6pm – 10.30pm) £19.00
Saturday Morning (11am – 4pm) £19.00
Saturday Evening (6pm – 10.30pm) £19.00
Sunday (1pm – 6pm) £14.50
Full Fat (every session, every day) £75
prices exclusive of fees

News on token prices, breweries, and all other details, will be announced shortly.

IMBC 2022 tickets on sale 9am Thurs 14th April, with pre-sale 6pm Wed 13th

Good times are almost here again. IMBC returns, Thursday 29th September to Sunday 2nd October, 2022 at our home of Victoria Baths.

Tickets will be on general sale on this website from 9am, Thursday 14th April, and they’re expected to sell fast (this is the first Indy Man in three years, we’re absolutely desperate for it).

We’ll also be running exclusive pre-sale events at Port Street Beer House and The Beagle from 6pm on Wednesday 13th April, meaning you can guarantee your slot in the baths before anyone else, and sleep safe and sound that evening knowing you’ve get everything wrapped up.

To celebrate, Port Street Beer House will be getting some Nell’s Pizza delivered for the first intrepid souls to venture and pick up their QR code that will grant exclusive access tickets for Indy Man, while down in Chorlton they’ll be pouring tasters from a yet-to-be-revealed bottle from the cellar to those who are there from 6pm. Extremely limited supply, first come, first served.

QR codes will be available until 9pm, and will only be available at the event itself. A phone, or laptop, will be required to gain access, and please note there will be no physical ticket sales at the events themselves.

Need to be reminded that tickets are going on sale? Sign up to our mailing list below to get an alert at 10am with a link straight through to buy tickets.

Tickets for IMBC sessions this year are priced at:

Thursday Evening (5.30pm – 10.30pm) £14.50
Friday Morning (11am – 4pm) £14.50
Friday Evening (6pm – 10.30pm) £19.00
Saturday Morning (11am – 4pm) £19.00
Saturday Evening (6pm – 10.30pm) £19.00
Sunday (1pm – 6pm) £14.50
Full Fat (every session, every day) £75
prices exclusive of fees

News on token prices, breweries, and all other details, will be announced shortly.

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Indy Man Beer Con 2021 announcement

It is with great sadness that today we announce that for another year there won’t be an edition of Indy Man Beer Con. This is a decision we have not come to lightly, and one we have made only having explored every other possible option while retaining the festival’s home as Victoria Baths. 

We have taken a lot of time to try and work out how we could run the event in a safe and sensible way which would also deliver on the atmosphere, feeling, and buzz of IMBC. When we think of festivals past, we imagine busy and bustling rooms, chats with friends in the nooks and crannies of the space, standing shoulder to shoulder and chatting to strangers whilst deciding which DIPA to drink. It is highly likely that some of that would’ve been lacking in a 2021 version of Indy Man, but our discussions made clear how different it would actually be.

Victoria Baths is what gives IMBC a lot of its character – the narrow corridors, the pools, the maze of little rooms that hold bars: sadly, means lots of enclosed areas and pinch points, which is far from ideal in the current climate. The only sensible way to make the event work in a way that everyone attending would feel safe would’ve been to reduce capacity. Our most optimistic estimate would’ve seen attendance reduced by 33% – this, in turn, would also decrease the number of breweries attending, the range of beers available, and the amount of other interesting things we’d have been able to offer (food traders, music, talks, tastings). In addition, there is also no guarantee on what travel restrictions will be in place over the coming months: international breweries have always played a massive role in shaping the festival, but it would’ve been enormously difficult to make any plans for our favourite brewers from overseas to make the journey.

Even if we accepted those limitations, this reduction in capacity would put the event in a situation in which making a loss would almost be inevitable (unless we hugely inflated prices, which would come with its own issues for a limited version of the event). This was a risk for the future of the festival we were very hesitant to take. Any discussions we may have had about running a much-reduced version of IMBC were immediately cut short when it became clear that we would also be unable to insure the event against cancellation if regulations were to change. Going ahead would’ve meant gambling our entire business, with every chance that we could be told the day or week before opening that IMBC wouldn’t be able to go ahead (as has happened several times in our industry over the past 18 months), and with no way of ever recovering. 

Our core business is in hospitality, running venues across Manchester: the last year has given us a pretty tough time, and it is obviously heartbreaking for everyone to miss out on Indy Man Beer Con again this year. However, we felt we needed to consider the wellbeing of our customers, the sanity of our team, the financial stability of the IMBC, and the integrity of an event we have lavished so much love on over the last 9 years. 

There are some positives: all being well, we’ll be back in 2022, better than ever before, and our sister festival Summer Beer Thing also has some exciting news to share in the coming days, which we can’t wait for you to hear. Thanks so much for your support over the years, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to Victoria Baths in the not-too-distant future.