Some News…

We have made the difficult decision
that IMBC will not return for 2024. We’ve enjoyed TEN incredible festivals, working with some of the world’s best breweries. We want to say a monumentally HUGE thank you to all involved, and all who have come along to celebrate and support independent craft beer with us, in Manchester’s beloved Victoria Baths.

A word from IMBC founder, Jonny

The last 12 years have been an amazing journey, we’re proud to have brought something new and different to the craft beer market way back in 2012. 


It’s been a huge privilege to witness the UK craft beer scene blossom in front of our eyes, to work with so many fantastic breweries and witness their creativity, industry and growth.


I am humbled that lots of people have taken a great deal of joy and satisfaction from the little event that we’ve spent over a decade putting on. I am beyond chuffed that you chose to spend your time with us deep in the pool at the incredible Victoria Baths.”

We’ve had countless unforgettable top moments across the years, to name but a few…

Giving Victoria Baths the full IndyMan make-over each year. From big balloons (2014) banners and beyond, uncovering rooms taken over by breweries is all part of what makes the festival unique.


‘What the hell is craft beer?’ Our first major group discussion at IMBC (2012), leading the way for further talks on beer and the beer industry each year. 


Sensational Beer and Food Paired Dinners from Prestwich’s Aumbrey (2012) and Tim Anderson (2013)

Stand-out pours – Siren Craft Brew Vimto-inspired Beer (2016), Brasserie Fantôme Magic Ghost (2019), Other Half Brewing Double Magnum Bottles of Imperial Stout (2019), Omnipollo mini kegs and mad-science oil projections (2019), Lakes Brew Co 25-pour-only Oreo Cookie Imperial Stout (2023)

Who could forget that Buxton Brewery x Omnipollo Soft Serve?!


Wizard King legendary live entertainment (2017-2018)


The Thirsty Games, our competition to find the best new small breweries in the UK (2016-2019) – previous winners include ÖL Brewery, Liquid Light Brewing Company, Burning Soul Brewing and Fiveclouds Brew Co.


Wild Beer Co Giant Cheese Wheels (2016)


Siop Shop Donut Specials Collaborating with the likes of Craft House Coffee, Idle Hands Coffee, Bundobust, Track Brewing Co, DEYA Brewery, Cloudwater Brew Co and more.


Iconic Beer Trumps Hate’ Foam Fingers (2017) 

The Great Blackout of 2022.


Nightmare fuel in the form of Sureshot’s Mr Blobby (2022



IMBC Dedication Tattoos. They did wash off, eventually…(2023)


None of it would have been possible without the incredible breweries, the countless volunteers, the wonderful sponsors, the dedicated teams and even more dedicated attendees that rallied around the festival year in and year out. You helped build something beautiful down at the deep end.

Until we meet again…Cheers!

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