Second wave of breweries announced for IMBC 2023

We’re hyped beyond belief to announce our second wave of IMBC breweries, and we can wait to try what each of them will be pouring across the 4 days of IMBC. We’ve a small amount of names to add before the festival, as well as other important stuff to announce – tastings, talks, food vendors, pop-ups, the beers that we’ll be pouring across the weekend, and all that other interesting stuff, but for now – please welcome to the stage your second wave of IMBC 2023 breweries –

All Sessions – 
Blackjack @blackjackbeers (Manchester, UK)
Bundobust Brewery @bundobust (Manchester, UK)
Cloudwater @cloudwaterbrew (Manchester, UK)
Farmyard Brew Co @farmyardbrewco (Lancaster, UK)
Howling Hops @howlinghops (Hackney Wick, UK)
North Brewing @northbrewco (Leeds, UK)
Queer Brewing @queerbrewing (London, UK)
Rooster’s @roostersbrewco (Harrogate, UK)
Salt Beer Factory @saltbeerfactory (Saltaire, UK)
Sureshot @sureshotbrew (Manchester, UK)
Thornbridge @thornbridge (Derbyshire, UK)
Zapato @zapatobrewing (Marsden, UK)
Thursday and Friday Exclusive Breweries – 
Anthology Brewing Co @anthologybrewco (Leeds, UK)
Saturday and Sunday Exclusive Breweries – 
Futtle @futtleorganic (Fife, Scotland)
Phantom @phantombrewco (Reading, UK)
RedWillow @redwillowbrewery (Macclesfield, UK)
Vibrant Forest @vibrantforest (Hampshire, UK)
This adds to the previously announced –

All Sessions –

Sierra Nevada @sierranevada (California, USA)
Lakes Brew Co @lakesbrewco (Kendal, UK)
Beak @beakbrewery (Lewes, UK)
Verdant @verdantbrew (Penryn, UK)
Siren @sirencraftbrew (Berkshire, UK)
Rivington @rivingtonbrewco (Rivington, UK)
Pomona Island @pomonaislandbrew (Salford, UK)
Brasserie De La Senne @brasseriedelasenne (Brussels, Belgium)
Hogan’s Cider @hoganscider (Warwickshire, UK)
Kirkstall Brewery @kirkstallbrewery (Leeds, UK)
Yonder @brewyonder (Somerset, UK)
Triple Point @triplepointbrew (Sheffield, UK)

Thursday and Friday Breweries –

Fell @fellbrewery (South Cumbria, UK)
DEYA @deyabrewery (Cheltenham, UK)
Pastore @pastorebrewing (Cambridge, UK)
Drop Project @dropprojectbrew (London, UK)
Fierce Beer @fiercebeer (Aberdeen, Scotland)
Chapter @chapterbrewing (Runcorn, UK)
Neptune @neptunebrewery (Liverpool, UK)
Simple Things Fermentations @stfermentations (Glasgow, Scotland)
Two Flints @twoflintsbrewery (Windsor, UK)
Track @trackbrewingco (Manchester, UK)
Talking Tides @talkingtides (Marske, UK)

Saturday and Sunday Breweries –

Double Barrelled @doublebarrelledbrewery (Reading, UK)
Squawk @squawkbrewingco (Manchester, UK)
Left Handed Giant @lefthandedgiantbrewing (Bristol, UK)
MakeMake @makemakebeer (Portsmouth, UK)
Tommie Sjef @tommiesjef (Den Helder, Netherlands)
Manchester Union @manchesterunionbrewery (Manchester, UK)

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