Food and Non-Beer at IMBC 19

Hungry or thirsty for something that isn’t beer? We have got you covered. Find the following offerings over here all festival long…


In the Food Village…

One true loves HONEST CRUST have been banging out banging sourdough pizza since 2013. Bona fide.

IMBC debut for these fried chicken whisperers / seitan slayers FIREBIRD HOPE. Operating out of YES, many have dubbed Firebird Hope the pengest munch. Their chicken / vegan chicken burger builds are architecture.

I have personally eaten DÖNER SUMMER 463 times, and reader, it never gets old. VEGAN Berlin inspired döner kebabs, crunchy hash brown bites and more. Currently killing it softly at Northern Monk Refectory MCR.

Pie and mash at a beer festival with gravy? It would be unfathomably rude not to. Viva GREAT NORTH PIE. Such perfect pies with mash that is sculpted from the clouds of Valhalla.

Chinese food with a twist. The twist is that you can’t stop eating DIM SUM SU Salt and Pepper Fries and you float up like a big balloon once you’ve achieved perfection and glide into the sun ***POP***

Famed throughout the lands for their fries piled high with curries. VASO KITCHEN provide the perfect cronch in their fries meaning they take the stack masterfully, nae sogginess. Inevitable.

An ‘otdog, an ‘otdog. My kingdom for an ‘otdog. Showstopping sausages in bun houses from frankfurter fashionistas DIAMOND DOGS.

Primo chipotle cha-chas (burritos) from the hands of the The Beagle kitchen. Conveniently all wrapped up like a present. Handheld compatible.

On the Snack Shelf in Room 1…

Their crab balls are the stuff of legend. Oysters everywhere. Crayfish for daysfish. We love em. Go visit HOLY CRAB in the Arndale Food Market if you cannae wait.

Dough babies SIOP SHOP slay the sweet game dead. Watch out for billowing doughnuts and ice cream fills from the pied pipers of piped icing. Sessionable.

Coffee bean serenaders IDLE HANDS lock arms with Siop Shop once more to complete the most iconic duo since since since. Crema scenes and likely their famous pies too. The day starts here. Pick. Me. Up.

Ohhhh shiiii. The worldies BUNDOBUST are back in the IMBC building (literally) as they saddle up alongside Siop, Idle Hands, and Holy Crab on the ‘Snack Shelf’ in Room 1 to dish up some ambient bangers. Bundobust beers on too!


Hackney handmade soda artisans return to IMBC to tear it up w/ their seasonal sparkling softs +++ make your own shandy opportunities wa wa wee wa.

Kombucha in the house, fermentation heads. Scoby Doo! Manchester booch units descend

Natural wine by the glass or bottle over in the Turkish Baths c/o Huddersfield wine shop and bar, Kwas.

Bean queens supreme gleam crema dreams

Brewery made gins alongside v primo beer cocktails and classics. Bar naps to the night sky. Dabbing cowboy emoji.

+++ CIDER!

Over the IMBC 19 weekend we will have star turns in Room 1 from Hogan’s Cider, Pilton, and Ross-On-Wye.


Wowee! What a whirlwind of an extended weekend as per at IMBC.  By all accounts, you all enjoyed your time at Victoria Baths. We, the organisers, certainly enjoyed the festivities. We might say this every year, but we are fairly certain that this year’s Indy Man Beer Con was the best one yet. We hope you agree! Let the thankings begin…


Firstly, we’d like to thank YOU – the avid beer drinker and intrepid taste bud explorer for coming to IMBC and getting fully involved. You all helped to contribute to the fantastic atmosphere and we hope to see all of your faces again.


A big thank you to all of our sponsors. Cloudwater, Vertical, Beavertown, Hawkshead, Camden Town, Brewdog, and Northern Monk. Each of the aforementioned made their spaces their own and each bar was certainly a destination at the festival. Big thanks also to our sponsors Simply Hops, enablers of many a hop forward beer at IMBC, and Uber, who got many of you home in one piece.


Photograph by David Bailey


Photograph by David Bailey


Photograph by Jody Hartley

Thanks eternal to all the breweries that joined us over Indy Man Beer Con from far and wide. The beers (and ciders!) you brought made each session a smorgasbord of delights. We knew what was coming in most cases but there were some great surprises on offer and the pop-up tastings, as well as scheduled events, went down a treat.


Photograph by David Bailey


Photograph by David Bailey


Photograph by David Bailey

So many thank you’s to our food and snack vendors this year. Outside was truly a masterclass in handheld eating offerings: Bundobust, Almost Famous, Fish &, Great North Pie, Diamond Dogs, and Honest Crust all made each session’s sustenance selection the happiest of headaches. Not to be outdone, our indoor snack vendors laid on the greatest beer pairings we’ve seen yet. These included delights from Karkli, We Eat, and Epicerie Ludo – as well as sweet treats from the formidable Idle Hands.


Photograph by David Bailey


Photograph by David Bailey

Speaking of which, we must thank Idle Hands for keeping us caffeinated throughout Indy Man Beer Con, serving up some of the best coffee that Manchester has seen and gladly offering up a change of gear at IMBC. Likewise, we rain gratitude down upon London’s award winning soft drink makers, Square Root Soda, for their superb seasonal softs and cocktail wizardry at this year’s festival.


A thousand thank you’s to our volunteers, as usual your kindly efforts made the festival possible and ensured that everything ran smoothly. Thank you for your hard work during the setup at Victoria Baths, your endeavours throughout, and the pack down after the lights had faded. We couldn’t have done it without you!


The wonderful We Can performed canning heroics throughout IMBC. Enabling, for the first time at a beer festival, you the punter to take any beer home in a CAN. They were amazing and the machine canned beers in about five seconds. It was a great success for all involved and we hope to have We Can on the case next time around!


Photograph by Jody Hartley

On the visual side of things, we must throw our arms up in the air and thank the design gods for Steve Hockett. Steve has been our man since day dot of IMBC and this year was no exception. We love his snorkelling Indy Man and we were as pumped as we’ve ever been with this year’s IMBC glass, truly a design classic in the making.


Thanks infernal also to our website builders, Oh Digital, for enabling our first foray into the world of digital beer lists.Massive thanks to Noisebox, MSL, and Hollowsphere for making the baths look and sound incredible. On an aural note, we are forever thankful to all our DJs that played over the course of IMBC. Special thanks also to the live acts that threw down on Sunday. There was never a dull moment in Room 3.



Photograph by David Bailey

Lastly, Indy Man Beer Con wouldn’t be Indy Man Beer Con without the superb surroundings of Victoria Baths. We thank the building, the history, and the hard work of the Victoria Baths staff for housing us once more. The setting is definitely a major part of what makes this festival special, having such inspirational surroundings fuels IMBC & makes each session a real event. Thank you Martin, Chris, and the team for continuing to house us, we miss you already.


See you next year!


IMBC 15 Food

The following would pair excellently with…you guessed it. A hand-picked selection of our favourite modern food offerers.


Diamond Dogs
Leeds’ foremost quality hot dog merchants.

diamondogs Almost Famous
Early appearance from Almost Famous’ (MCR) freewheeling, burger slinging Wondertruck.

almostburgersHonest Crust
Wood-fired sourdough pizza pies from the North West.

honestcrustpizzaFish &
Fish & Chips with a twist. Seafood anglers, head here.

Indian street food from much-loved Leeds go-to. A rare mobile outing.

bundaaaaaGreat North Pie
Artisan pie masters from Macclesfield. Crust springs eternal.



Epicerie Ludo
Chorlton deli brings all of the cheese & all of the meat.

epicerieludo Karkli
Modern classic Indian bar snacks. Karkli have been collaborating with IMBC brewers to bring you new flavours.

karkliwwwWe Eat
Highly creative beer snack supremos. They’ve killed it at IMBC in the past & they’ll kill it again.