IMBC 2012 – Retrospective


Well that was IMBC 2012, we had plenty of fun hosting an amazing event, we hope you did too? It took a while to ‘come down’ from such a great couple of days! Judging by the ever flowing twitter feed it made us glow with all the lovely comments. Thanks everyone!

The event would not have happened without the huge help of all the brewers, volunteers, Port Street Beer House and Common staff, everyone at Victoria Baths and the amazing production team! Thank you SO much for making IMBC work so well.

We have already mooted ideas for 2013, we will be announcing dates soon once we have convinced the baths to welcome us back. So watch this space as we make 2013 even better. Also keep an eye out for a video we had specially commissioned!

Thank you once again, without you we would be nothing!

All the best / TEAM IMBC

PS. if you would alike to send us ANY feedback place email : [email protected]




It appears there have been plenty of press reviews heading our way, they have been quite a few over the past week, so sorry if we have missed you out!

The Good Stuff : “The atmosphere was great; friendly, reverent without being preachy, and inclusive. Community, indeed.”


Ale Is Good : “Nothing else I’ve been to in the UK is comparable”



Beer Say : “It was groundbreaking, the first of it’s kind and in my view at least an event that strove from the start to examine everything about the average British beer fest”


Beer Compurgation : “It was just perfect”


Opportunity Hops : ” A huge thanks to those behind the festival for making it one of my most memorable beer festival experiences to date.”


Zak Avery : Panel report on ‘What The HELL is Craft Beer?’


Reluctant Scooper : “An event of this nature and scale doesn’t get designed by a committee yoked with misplaced tradition. It needs vision and ambition, bloody-mindedness and bloody hard work. So caps doffed to the organisers for shaping it…”


Tyson’s Beer Blog : “Overall, then, an enjoyable first event that, with a few tweaks, could establish itself on the beer calendar”


Liverpool Craft Beer Blog : “This weekend heralded the most exciting beer festival to happen in the UK in years”


The Beer Cast : “Indy Man will come round again, if for no other reason than due to the near-constant stream of praise that emanated from Twitter”


Fiona Beckett : Aumbry Meal / Food matching review


Gallery pictures by Luke Chase

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  1. Phil says:

    Fanbloodytastic weekend, looking forward to SpingyManBeerCom in March, April, no pressure

  2. Chris says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the experiences, not sure if you want to add this to your list of reviews but I wanted to write something too

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