IMBC Collaboration No. 1: Quantum Brewing Co.

It’s the end of June. Time to get the IMBC collaborations for this year started. Our first stop: Monday, 24 June, with Jay Krause, owner, head brewer, and cask juggler par excellence of Quantum Brewing Co, Stockport. Jay has produced some absolute beery gems, most recently, US Saison and American Light, not to mention the Citra Centennial, which, at 8.1% was ruinously drinkable.

We won’t give away too much of what was brewed (well, we wouldn’t want to be called spoil sports), but you’ll be able to make some guesses based on the photos here. It’s going to be a big beer indeed. The mash tun was absolutely at capacity and a fair few hops were included. There was also a secret ingredient… but you’ll have to come to IMBC in October to taste the results.

Thanks for an excellent brew day, Mr. Krause!

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