IMBC 2013 – press and blog reviews

2013 was pretty good for us, but don’t take our word for it, here are some kind reviews from those in attendance, thanks for your support.

Tickets for the 2014 festival will on sale on Tuesday 1st April, see you all in the baths.


“Independent Manchester Beer Convention seems to have rewritten the rules on what a British beer festival looks like” – Will Hawkes, Financial Times (Read more here)


“One of the most forward thinking beer festival seen in the UK. More akin to Copenhagen Beer Celebrations than your normal CAMRA get-together, the festival combined the most exciting beers from the UK, served by the brewers themselves, in an amazing venue.” – Josh Smith, Evening Brews (Read more here)


“A shout out to beer lovers over the peaks and a nudge to Sheffield beery folksters – the Independent Manchester Beer (& Stuff) Convention is well worth a visit.” Jules Gray, Exposed Magazine (Read more here)


“If you love beer and/or historic architecture be sure to go at least once – if not every year.” Sophie Atherton, Beer Sommelier (Read more here)


“Held in the striking setting of the grade II listed Victoria Baths, the IMBC team managed to bring an element of alternative class, turning the Edwardian-era converted swimming pool into a bustling maze of interest” Leah Jade Connolly, Quays News (Read more here)


“The festival that has stepped forward from all the others, and drawn a line behind it.” The Beer Cast (Read more here)


“There was more beer, better beer than last year. More seating, erm, better seating than last year. Disabled access was better. I think you’re getting the picture. In summary, if you weren’t there, you missed a treat” Tysons Beer Blog (Read more here)


“Another terrifically organised event… Celebrations of beer are rarely this good, but, as far as I’m concerned, always should be.” Beer Compurgation (Read more here)


“It seemed unthinkable that Indy Man Beer Con would surpass the success of its inaugural outing but, somehow, it did exactly that. There can no longer be any ambiguity. It is simply the most significant event in the British beer calendar” Beer Battered (Read more here)


“IndyMan is the dream of craft beer made flesh… IndyMan has a special place in my heart. It is everything that is great about Britain rolled into one.” The Beer Boy (Read more here)


“The annual Indy Man Beer Con is a must for any beer enthusiasts.” Amy Brewster, Viva Lifestyle Magazine (Read more here)


“The Independent Manchester Beer Convention returned in 2013, taking what was already an outstanding festival to new heights when they really had very little room for improvement.” Graphed Beer (Read more here)

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