Seven questions for… Logan Plant

In the four week lead up to this year’s festival, we thought it’d be fun to sling our partner breweries a few questions… Over to Logan Plant (Beavertown):

Where are you right now?

Sitting on my couch at 6.30am drinking a fresh Russian River Blind Pig IPA, actually half of that was back in my dreams but I am catching up on e-mails before I leave home for the brewery, reality strikes…hard!

Describe your brewery in just five words?

Yeast, Malt, hops, water…crazyfun!

What does IMBC mean to you?

A pain in the ass when I try to remember what it stands for ;-). The perfect platform and environment to drink some of the best beer known to man.

If you had chance to make one beer before you died, what would it be?

A Best Bitter a la ‘Bathams’. It’s the beer that got my taste buds going for everything malt and hops. Simple but definitive. Then I’d barrel age it in a Marc 1983 barrel and spike with some Brett L. Haha.

Best beer you had at a beer festival in the past six months, where and when?

Well other than Tuborg at Glasto….I was lucky enough to serve our beers at the Firestone Walker Invitational in Paso Robles, the beer I kept going back to was Pivo Pils by FW. Awesome for its style!

On a scale of one to 10, how excited are you about IMBC 2014?

Always beyond, like Spinal Tap….11!

Final question, have you ever swam in a Victorian Baths and what’s your preferred choice of swimwear?

I don’t know anybody called Victoria who has a bath but when I swim it’s mainly in my monkey loin cloth. Maximal tanning, minimal friction.


Thanks Logan for some err, insightful answers… Catch Beavertown in the Turkish Baths  from Thursday – Sunday.

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