What people said: IMBC 15

With IMBC 2016 just around the corner we thought it was high time we brought together some of the wonderful things people said about last year’s festival.

But I suppose the biggest sense is that this is Manchester.  Sure the atmosphere is made up of people and brewers from far and wide but you get the sense, sharpened by the comments on twitter, that no other beer festival in the UK makes so many things just click all at once and all so very well and it is with a sense of pride that it is Manchester that does it best” – Boozy Procrastinator

It’s the festival that defines all the best parts of the modern British beer scene.” – Beer Compugation

pushes the boundaries of taste and your expectations in a wonderful and excellent quality way” – Wee Beefy

It makes so much difference to step out of your comfort zone, try something new, and support local brewers and businesses. It’s getting the Manchester Tart seal of approval, that’s for sure!” – The Manchester Tart

This really is one of the best beer festivals on offer and it is no wonder that tickets sell out so quickly. Cheers to all involved and roll on IMBC 2016!” – Beer 52

IMBC is one of the most important events on the beer scene at the moment” – A Female View

Hop on the Bike made a wonderful little video:

And Hopzine reviewed some of the beers they sampled and filmed themselves doing it:

And lastly we loved this little amalgamation of opinions from Total Ales featuring some lovely friendly faces.



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