IMBC 2022 token prices & glass reveal

Every year, there are two questions we get asked more than any other:

  1. When are the breweries being announced?
    …and, once that’s been answered:
  2. How much are tokens this year?

We’ve answered (the majority of) the first question over the past few days, and now we’re finally ready to answer the second.

Some of the many changes we’ve wanted to make to IMBC for 2022 have been about making the festival more sustainable in every sense of the word: for our brewers, for the future of the the festival, and, most importantly, for the people who come drink with us at the baths every year.

Our brewery list this year focuses on showcasing the best that the UK has to offer (with one or two surprises from further afield to augment this, who we’ve worked with in order to limit the impact that this will have upon the environment – these will be announced next week). This not only keeps our carbon emissions down, but it also allows us to support the British scene while it is a state of flux, with many breweries of all sizes going through a difficult time with increased costs across the board. Stay tuned for a specially produced video this Tuesday that goes into some of these points with brewers from across the UK in more detail.

Another positive of this change is that we’re able to make this sustainable from a financial point of view for our visitors. The main feedback we received from the 2019 version of the festival was the perceived high cost of token prices (which was set at £29 for 11, with 20% of beers being set at 2 tokens or more). As the cost of craft beer has increased in the last few months especially, and with price of even a generic pint of lager up more than 10% since the last edition of the festival, giving everyone who joins us at IMBC the chance to drink a wide range of incredible beers at a cost that remains affordable became one of our main objectives for 2022. Air freighting beers to the festival in the same manner that we previously would’ve made this aim completely unachievable.

With that in mind, our pricing structure for IMBC 2022 is as follows:

  • All beers across the festival will be priced at 1 token.
  • Bundles of 10 tokens will cost £25
  • Individual tokens can be purchased separately for £2.70

Please note that the festival will be completely cashless, so tokens will need to be paid for using card. We’ll also be accepting tokens from IMBC 2019, should you still have any knocking around.

In addition, we’re proud to reveal the vessel that you’ll be drinking all those 1 token thirds from: our IMBC 2022 glass. Made by Rostal, this is a Mosella glass, all made possible thanks to the support of this year’s glass sponsors, Kegstar. You’ll get a glass with your entry to the festival, and they’re yours to keep (of course).

Tickets available for the Friday Day & Sunday – get them here.

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