First Wave of Breweries announced for IMBC 2023

We’re today overjoyed to announce the first wave of breweries who’ll be pouring, pulling, and popping bottles at IMBC 2023. As ever, we’ve got some who’ll be pouring all weekend, and others who’ll only be there for one half or the other, plus the usual mixes of new face and returning heroes.

At the time of writing, limited tickets for all days of the festival are available for purchase here.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing the rest of the line-up for Indy Man – including our entertainment, food, and fringe line-ups, plus the long list of what will actually be serving – but for the minute, let’s get your mouth watering at the thought of drinking delicious beers brewed by the following…

All Sessions –

Sierra Nevada @sierranevada (California, USA)
Lakes Brew Co @lakesbrewco (Kendal, UK)
Beak @beakbrewery (Lewes, UK)
Verdant @verdantbrew (Penryn, UK)
Siren @sirencraftbrew (Berkshire, UK)
Rivington @rivingtonbrewco (Rivington, UK)
Pomona Island @pomonaislandbrew (Salford, UK)
Brasserie De La Senne @brasseriedelasenne (Brussels, Belgium)
Hogan’s Cider @hoganscider (Warwickshire, UK)
Kirkstall Brewery @kirkstallbrewery (Leeds, UK)
Yonder @brewyonder (Somerset, UK)
Triple Point @triplepointbrew (Sheffield, UK)

Thursday and Friday Breweries –

Fell @fellbrewery (South Cumbria, UK)
DEYA @deyabrewery (Cheltenham, UK)
Pastore @pastorebrewing (Cambridge, UK)
Drop Project @dropprojectbrew (London, UK)
Fierce Beer @fiercebeer (Aberdeen, Scotland)
Chapter @chapterbrewing (Runcorn, UK)
Neptune @neptunebrewery (Liverpool, UK)
Simple Things Fermentations @stfermentations (Glasgow, Scotland)
Two Flints @twoflintsbrewery (Windsor, UK)
Track @trackbrewingco (Manchester, UK)
Talking Tides @talkingtides (Marske, UK)

Saturday and Sunday Breweries –

Double Barrelled @doublebarrelledbrewery (Reading, UK)
Squawk @squawkbrewingco (Manchester, UK)
Left Handed Giant @lefthandedgiantbrewing (Bristol, UK)
MakeMake @makemakebeer (Portsmouth, UK)
Tommie Sjef @tommiesjef (Den Helder, Netherlands)
Manchester Union @manchesterunionbrewery (Manchester, UK)

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