Beer List 2023

This list may be incomplete, and a beer being on the list in no guarantee of it being poured at any particular session –

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Brewery name Style detailedStyle abv collaborators
Runaway Blend #3 Strawberry Saison 3 year old wine BA fruit saison 5.5%
Runaway Sourdough Kvass with Summer Berries Sour Blackcurrant & Raspberry sour 3.4% Beermoth, Yellowhammer
Runaway Dunkel ist Massiv Lager 5.3% Torrside
Runaway ESB Pale Ale 5.8%
Runaway Fruit Punch IPA IPA Eldorado and Ekuanot IPA 6.5%
Runaway The Blackley Mosher Saison Dry hopped, blended BA saison with black lime 6.6%
Mills High Cut Wild Ale 6.3%
Mills Still Wild Ale 5.0%
Mills Etta Wild Ale 9.0%
Mills Old Dark Mild Dark Mild Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Mild 7.5%
Mills Old Dark Mild Dark Mild Marsala Barrel Aged Dark Mild 8.0%
Mills Draw Together Wild Ale 8.2%
Mills Today XO Wild Ale 6.0%
Mills Fresh Hop Wild Ale 5.4%
Torn Plant Dysania II Cider 7.1%
Torn Plant Dysania III Cider 7.1%
Torn Plant Laetificiant Cider 7.0%
Torn Plant Dreeping Cider 7.5%
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Pale Ale 5.0%
Sierra Nevada California IPA Pale Ale 4.3%
Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA 7.2%
Sierra Nevada Hoptimum IIPA 11.0%
De La Senne Zinnebier Pale Ale 5.8%
De La Senne Taras boulba Pale Ale 4.5%
De La Senne Saison De Meyboom Saison
De La Senne Frouze Connection IPA Non-refermented IPA 4.9% Le Détour
De La Senne Jambe De Bois Tripel 8.0%
De La Senne Brett Saison Saison
De La Senne Stouterik Stout 5.0%
De La Senne Brusselier Stout Dry-Hopped Double Stout 8.0%
Siren Lumina Session IPA Gluten Free session IPA 4.2%
Siren First Impression Helles 4.5%
Siren Suspended in Idaho7 Hazy Pale 4.0%
Siren Soundwave IPA 5.6%
Siren Expressions: Idaho 7 DDH IPA 5.2%
Siren Send Me More Sunshine Sour 7.4% Slim Pickens
Siren Liquid Mistress Red IPA 5.8%
Siren Mesmerist Pale Ale 3.4%
Siren In The Belly Of A Shark Black IPA 6.2%
Siren Pastel Pils Pilsner Gluten Free pilsner 4.8%
Siren High Definition TIPA 11.1% Green Cheek
Siren Slam Duck DIPA 8.0%
Siren Calypso: Whiskey Sour Sour Whiskey Sour 4.0%
Siren Calypso: Sour Cherry Negroni Sour Sour cherry negroni 4.0%
Siren Re-Fashioned Barley Wine 10.6%
Siren Caribbean Chocolate Cake Stout Tropical stout 7.4%
Siren Death By Caribbean Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout Imperial tropical stout 9.1%
Siren CCC Pancake Stack White Stout 7.4%
Siren Caribbean White Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout White chocolate tropical stout 7.4%
Siren Caribbean Chocolate Mole Cake Imperial Stout Spiced tropical stout 8.8%
Siren Maiden 2019 Barley Wine Barrel Aged blended 11.0%
Siren Fireside Stout Barrel Aged Stout 12.7%
Siren Through The Hourglass Saison Barrel Aged Saison 8.2%
Siren Gather and Store Mixed Ferm Blend 6.2%
Siren Dark & Perilous Nights Imperial Stout Barrel Aged stout 12.4% J. Wakefield
Siren Waltzer Imperial Stout Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout 13.5%
Siren We Are Stardust Stock Ale 10.5%
Siren I’m A Lumberjack DJ IPA 6.5%
Lakes Gazelle Up A Drainpipe DDH IPA 7.0%
Lakes Three Berry Pie Sour Triple Fruited Sour 7.0%
Lakes Enter the Phantasm Zone Part 1 DDH IPA 6.0%
Lakes Enter The Phantasm Zone Part 2 West Coast IPA 6.0%
Lakes Cave Rave Gose Cherry, Blackberry & Lime Gose 4.5%
Lakes Fog on The Tarn DDH IPA 7.0%
Lakes Northern Wit Witbier Belgian Style Witbier 4.5%
Lakes My Japanese Sour Yuzu & Raspberry Sour 7.0%
Lakes What’s for Afters Imperial Stout Chocolate Brownie Imperial Stout 10.5%
Lakes NE Session Session IPA NE Session IPA 4.7%
Lakes Not Sorry Imperial Stout
Peanut butter & Chocolate Imperial Stout
Lakes Lick, Twist, Drink Imperial Stout Peanut Butter & Cookie Imperial Stout 10.5%
Lakes Dunk In The Dark pin Imperial Stout Oreo Cookie Imperial Stout 10.5%
North Field Recordings: New Alphabet Imperial Stout 10.0%
North Atlantis Pale Ale 4.1%
North North X Six° North – Belgian Wit + Scottish Heather + Blossom Honey + Citrus Belgian Wit Belgian Wit + Scottish Heather + Blossom Honey + Citrus Six degrees North
North North X Makemake – Fruited IPA + Strawberry + Cherry Fruited IPA MakeMake
North North X The Craft Beer Channel – Double Triple Fruited Gose + Blackberry + Gooseberry + Blueberry Gose Triple Fruited Gose
The Craft Beer Channel
North Heliocentric IPA NEIPA 6.4%
North North X MKI Pale Ale Yuzu Pale Ale 4.1%
North Transmission IPA 6.9%
North Piñata – Mango + Guava Pale Ale Pale Ale
Mango & Guava pale ale
North Telstar Pale Ale
Howling Hops Enhanced Recoil Pale Ale Mango Pale Ale 4.1% Box Car
Howling Hops Mini Chuck Gose Strawberry Gose 4.0%
Howling Hops Toko
Howling Hops Lonely Town Session IPA 4.0%
Howling Hops Soft Spot Pale Ale 4.2%
Howling Hops Howling IPA NEIPA 5.9%
Howling Hops Through the Trees Pale Ale 5.5% Abyss
Howling Hops Studying Stuff DIPA 8.8% Full Circle
Howling Hops Lonestar
Howling Hops Thunderball Express Pale Ale 4.8%
Howling Hops Park View Summer Wit
Howling Hops 2019 Imperial Stout (Bourbon) Imperial Stout Bourbon BA Imperial Stout 10.0%
Howling Hops Well Shot – Imperial Stout Imperial Stout Bourbon BA Imperial Stout 13.0%
Howling Hops 2019 Imperial Stout (Cherry) Imperial Stout Cherry BA Imperial Stout 10.0%
Sureshot Small Man’s Wetsuit Pale Ale 3.9%
Sureshot Milson Pale Ale 5.2%
Sureshot The best Penguin in the world Kolsch 4.8%
Sureshot Crop Rotation in the 14th Century Wheat Beer 6.0%
Sureshot Step Away From the Cookie Jar IPA 6.5%
Sureshot Put on my raving shoes Wheat Beer 3.2%
Sureshot Welcome to Ogg World IPA 6.7%
Sureshot The Big East Pale Ale 3.2%
Sureshot You’re My #1 Guy IPA 6.5%
Sureshot A Suitable Bush IPA 6.5%
Sureshot Is it about my cube? IPA 6.50%
Sureshot Dunblobbin IPA 6.5%
Sureshot Double Dipped Chip IPA 8.0%
Sureshot I Cannae Change the Laws of Physics Pale Ale 4.0%
Verdant Passing Thoughts IPA 6.5%
Verdant Travel Rugs IIPA
Verdant Spiral Into Control IPA 6.5%
Verdant Gus Knows! NEIPA 6.5%
Verdant Don’t Tell Gus DIPA 8.0%
Verdant Festbier 2023 Festbier 5.5%
Verdant Rustling Substance Pale Ale 5.2%
Beak Sappp DIPA 8.0%
Beak …And The Red Leviathan Sour Ale Sour Ale with Raspberries 6.8%
Beak The Marriner, The Barrel.. Sour Ale Sour Ale with Rhubarb 5.5%
Beak Hands IPA 6.0%
Beak Valleys Imperial Stout 11.0%
Beak Statues TIPA 10.0%
Beak Sqwish IPA 6.5% Gamma
Beak Embers West Coast IPA 6.4% The Craft Beer Channel
Beak Parade IPA 6.0%
Beak Dest Pilsner 5.0%
Beak Nook DDH Pale Ale 5.6%
Rivington No Day For a Do DDH IPA 6.0%
Rivington Which Way Is South? Grisette 3.9%
Rivington Never Know Fog Like It NE Pale 5.2%
Rivington Chip You Bought This On DDH Pale Ale 5.6%
Rivington Lucid Dreaming Magic Wander Gose Spicy Margarita Gose 6.3%
Rivington Don’t wanna wait DDH IPA 6.8%
Rivington Farm Trip X Beak DDH IPA 6.2% Beak
Rivington Tremors DIPA 8.0%
Rivington Light Come Shining V3 Berliner Weisse Raspberry berliner Weisse 3.9%
Rivington Same Way You Showed Me DDH Pale Ale 4.5%
Rivington Accross The Tracks
West Coast Pale
Rivington Fall Out The Sky Pale Ale Hoppy Little Pale 3.6%
Rivington Nice Little Saturday American Brown 5.4%
Queer Brewing Death Drop 2: The Deathening Pale Ale 5.5%
Queer Brewing Pendant West Coast IPA 6.6%
Queer Brewing Michael Romance Wheat Beer Tart Raspberry Wheat 4.2%
Queer Brewing Softboi Table Beer 3.0%
Queer Brewing Tiny Dots Pilsner 4.5%
Queer Brewing Dying Sun Pale Ale 4.5%
Queer Brewing Existence as a Radical Act Pale Ale 5.0%
Queer Brewing Burst Into Bright IPA 6.0%
Queer Brewing Flowers Witbier 4.0%
Queer Brewing Fight Like Hell DIPA 8.0%
Queer Brewing Let Your Body Learn Stout 6.5%
Queer Brewing The Endless Gloom Barleywine 9.0%
Neptune Lost At Sea
West Coast Pale
6.2% Lost & Grounded
Neptune Shöal Pale Ale 4.8%
Neptune Horizon Lights DIPA NZ Double IPA 7.4%
Neptune Grannus IPA Red Rye IPA 5.9%
Neptune Fugu Pale Ale Sorachi Ace Pale 4.0%
Neptune Meer Hefeweizen 5.2%
Neptune Hear The Sirens Imperial Stout 10.0%
Neptune Anchors Aweigh Maple Amber 5.5%
Neptune Pacu Pale Ale 4.1%
Neptune On The Bounty Stout Porter Chocolate & Coconut stout 5.8%
Neptune Pale Blue Oceans IPA 6.5%
Neptune Medusas Gaze Stout Porter American Stout 7.0%
Neptune Black Black IPA 5.2%
Neptune Sea Of Dreams Hazy Pale 4.2%
Neptune Citra Springs IPA 5.7%
Neptune Silenus
Extra Special Bitter
Farm Yard Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy Stout Rioja barrel aged demerara sugar & sea salt imperial stout 9.5%
Farm Yard Wee Heavy BA Strong Ale Bourbon barrel aged Scotch ale 9.5%
Farm Yard You Do You IPA NZ IPA hopped with Mouteka & Nectaron 5.7%
Farm Yard Stroke the Furry Wall IPA El Dorado NEIPA 5.4%
Farm Yard Smoove Bitter 3.9% Pale Ale Nitro bitter 3.9%
Farm Yard Dedicated follower of Passion Sour Passionfruit pastry sour 6.2% Zapato
Kirkstall Judicious Pale Ale 4.8%
Kirkstall Umeboshi Sour Sour 5.9%
Kirkstall Festbier Lager 5.8%
Kirkstall Slow Show Barleywine Rye Barleywine 11.5%
Kirkstall Drop Hammer Stout Irish Whiskey BA 10.0%
Kirkstall Ripley’s Reserve Pale Ale Tudor Ale 5.8%
Kirkstall Vienna Imperial Stout Stout 10.0%
Triple Point Astral Stout 10 Grain Stout 4.2%
Triple Point Broadway IPA Mosaic IPA 6.0%
Triple Point Catharina – Summer Fruits Sour Ale Red Berry fruit Sour 4.5%
Triple Point Cirrus Hazy Pale 5.0%
Triple Point Bullseye IPA Dry hopped IPA 7.0%
Triple Point Catharina – Raspberry + Peach + vanilla Sour Fruited sour 4.5%
Triple Point Mochacao Stout Stout Porter 7.8%
Triple Point Flora Bitter 5.5%
Triple Point Tepmt
Fell Lazy Hopper Pale Ale Auzzie Pale 4.5%
Working Class Heroes
Fell Brusilli Gose 4.0%
Fell BA Saison Saison Northern Wine
Fell Festbier Festbier Munich Festbier 5.0%
Fell Less Cowbell DDH Pale Ale Strata DDH Pale 5.5%
Fell Tinderbox IPA 6.3%
Rooster’s Tropical Assassin IPA Tropical IPA 6.1%
Rooster’s Go Backer Session IPA Gluten Free Vermont Session IPA 3.6%
Rooster’s California Common Amber Ale West Coast Amber Ale 4.2%
Rooster’s Strength in Numbers West Coast IPA 6.5%
Rooster’s Everything’s Just Swell Pilsner West Coast Pils 5.7% Green Cheek
Rooster’s Thousand Yard Stare Pale Ale Gluten Free Hazy Pale 5.4%
Rooster’s What’s That in Litres? Pale Ale 5.3% Odell
Rooster’s Hello, Dimitri? Imperial Stout Bourbon BA Imperial Stout 10.4%
Epochal Builder Of Perpetual Motion Pale Ale Stock Pale Ale 5.0%
Epochal The Empyrean
Extra Stout Porter
Epochal Hesperus Pale Ale Stock Pale Ale 7.2%
Epochal Single Cask Scotch Ale Scotch Ale
Salt Enigma Session IPA Single Hopped Vermont SIPA 4.7%
Salt Unnamed Helles Unfiltered Helles 5.0%
Salt Lil Pale Pale Ale 3.4%
Salt Alpaca DDH IPA 6.6%
Salt Tram Double NEIPA 8.0%
Salt Ikat DDH DIPA 8.0%
Yonder Jammie Biscuit Pastry Sour 4.0%
Yonder Key Lime Pie Pastry Sour 5.5%
Yonder Pink Lemonade Fruit Sour 4.0%
Yonder Blueberry Bakewell Pastry Sour 6.5%
Yonder Apricot Macaroon Pastry Sour 7.5%
Yonder Biscoff Choc Brownie Stout 7.0%
Chapter Fardel Barrels: Coconut Stoutwine Stout Coconut Stoutwine 11.5%
Chapter That Old Rope West Coast Pale 5.4%
Chapter Human Disguise Pale Ale Hazy Citra Pale 4.2%
Chapter Dead Mans fist Porter Smoked Porter 5.5%
Chapter Hinges Pale Ale 4.3%
Pastore Spritz Sour Lemon and lime sour 2.5%
Pastore Watermelon & Lime Waterbeach Weisse Berliner Weisse Berliner Weisse with watermelons and limes 3.4%
Pastore DDH Onda DDH Sour 5.0% Gamma
Pastore Talus E Pompelmo Sour IPA Pink Grapefruit Sour IPA 6.0% Burnt Mill
Pastore Con Crema Berry Sour Ice cream float sour 6.5%
Pastore Banana Split Sour Banana Split Pastry Sour 6.0%
Pastore Zuppa Inglese Sour Berry Trifle Pastry Sour 6.0%
Pastore Raspberry Pinto Noir Wild Ale Wild ale with raspberries & pinot noir skins 7.0%
Pastore Il Vigneto Bianco Wild Ale Golden wild ale aged on Chardonay skind 6.0%
Pastore Distant Lampone Wild Ale Golden wild ale on raspberries 6.0%
Drop Project Four NEIPA Birthday NEIPA 5.8%
Drop Project Burst Sour IPA Fruited Sour IPA 6.0% Heist
Drop Project Shifty DDH Pale Ale 5.2%
Drop Project Beaut NEIPA South Pacific NEIPA 6.2%
Drop Project Beyond DIPA 8.0% State of Kind
Drop Project Voyage Imperial Stout 12.0%
Drop Project Glassy Pilsner 5.6%
Fierce Cerveza Lager Mexican Lager 4.0%
Fierce Scottish Export Scottish Export 5.0%
Fierce Cocktail Party Pale Ale Pina Colada Hazy Pale 5.0%
Fierce Berry Big Moose Imperial Stout Raspberry, Chocoalte, Coconut Imperial Stout 12.0%
Fierce Very Big Moose Imperial Stout 12.0%
Fierce Fancy Juice 6 DIPA 7.4% Amundsen
Fierce Rhubarb Fruit Pale Pale Ale 4.6%
Anthology Bergamot Sorbet Sour Sour Bergamot Sour 4.0%
Anthology Sicilian Lemon Pale Pale Ale 4.2%
Anthology Canopy
West Coast Pale
Anthology Billionaires to Another Galaxy Pale Ale Galaxy hopped hazy pale 5.6%
Simple Things Fermentations NZ Pale Pale Ale 4.8%
Simple Things Fermentations Lemonale 2.2%
Simple Things Fermentations Scottish Export w/Spruce Scottish Export 5.5%
Simple Things Fermentations Hopfenweisse Wheat Beer 6.0% Glasladies
Simple Things Fermentations Saison Calypso Saison 6.0%
Simple Things Fermentations Foreign Extra Stout Stout 7.0%
Simple Things Fermentations Honey Tripel Tripel 8.4%
DEYA All Must Go IPA 6.6%
DEYA Dust My Broom Pale Ale 5.8%
DEYA The Crypt Kicker Five DIPA 8.0%
DEYA Harvest Lager Lager 5.5%
DEYA I’ll Check What I’ve Started DIPA 8.0%
DEYA Into The Haze IPA 6.2%
DEYA Lost In A Cloud Pale Ale 4.5%
Talking Tides Bark Side Of the Moon NEIPA 5.5%
Talking Tides Headland Hazy Pale 4.6%
Talking Tides DIPA?? DIPA
Talking Tides Experiment NEIPA Session NEIPA 4.9%
Talking Tides Experiments Coffee Porter Porter Coffee Porter 5.0%
Two Flints Alma Hazy Pale 4.8%
Two Flints Stitch Up West Coast IPA 7.0%
Two Flints DDH Nectaron DDH IPA 6.5%
Two Flints Big Bella DIPA
Track Sonoma Pale Ale 3.6%
Track Half Dome Pale Ale Pale – Simcoe, Citra & Galaxy 5.3%
Track Tales To Tell IPA IPA with Citra & Ella 6.5%
Track Dreaming Of… DDH Riwaka IPA DDH IPA DDH IPA with Riwaka 7.0%
Track Stay There DIPA DIPA with Galaxy 8.0%
St Mars of the Desert Jack D’Or Saison
Saison Americaine
St Mars of the Desert Weizenfelder Hefeweizen
Hoppy hefeweizen
St Mars of the Desert Clamp IPA Koelship IPA
St Mars of the Desert Crumbling Splendour Sour
Mixed Ferm Dark Sour
Lost & Grounded Keller Pils Lager Hop Bitter Lager Beer 4.8%
Lost & Grounded Helles Lager Unfiltered Lager 4.4%
Lost & Grounded Extra Dry Lager Rice Lager 4.0%
Lost & Grounded Festbier Lager Oktoberfest 5.6%
Left Handed Giant LHG|BREWPUB Citra & Nelson pale Pale Ale Gluten Free Citra & Nelson Pale 5.0%
Left Handed Giant Was & When Hazy IPA 6.2% Rivington
Left Handed Giant LHG|BREWPUB Helles Helles Helles lager 5.0%
Left Handed Giant Lend Your Sword IPA Hazy IPA 6.5%
Left Handed Giant Pass Time Gose Gose with Peach, Sour Cherry, Strawberry & Raspberry 5.0%
Left Handed Giant Sweet Isolation DIPA Fruited DIPA With mango Pineapple and Citra 8.0% Finback
MakeMake Europa Sea’s Gose 3.8%
MakeMake The Comet is Coming Sour IPA 6.0%
MakeMake Civilisation Equation Sour IPA 6.0%
Double Barreled Parka Pale Ale 4.5%
Double Barreled Competitive Juggling Gose Raspberry & Lime Gose 5.0%
Double Barreled Rivers Session IPA 3.4%
Double Barreled Koti
Double Barreled BA Blend 001 2023 12.0%
Double Barreled BA Release 002 2023 9.0%
Double Barreled They See The Suit Pale Ale 5.2%
Double Barreled State of Mind IPA 6.0%
Double Barreled Whippet American Porter 5.0%
RedWillow Perceptionless x Citra NEIPA 6.6%
RedWillow Smoked Bock Bock Smoked Bock 7.0%
RedWillow Foeder Damson Saison Saison BA Damson Saison
RedWillow Contactless Hazy Pale 5.2%
RedWillow Keller Bier Lager 4.3%
RedWillow Bier De Coupage Farmhouse Ale 4.6%
Vibrant Forest BA I’ve Got the Remedy Stout Imperial Mexican chilli stout in Burbon barrels 9.2%
Vibrant Forest Free Floating Sour Passion Fruit and Peach Sour 4.2%
Vibrant Forest Altitudes IPA Juicy IPA – Azacca & Simcoe 6.4%
Vibrant Forest Pupa Pale Ale Juicy Pale 4.5%
Squawk Ferina Sour Cherry & Blueberry sour 4.3%
Squawk Hana Pale Ale
Squawk New IPA IPA 6.5%
Squawk Sturnus Imperial Stout 10.0%
Squawk Limosa Pale Ale Small Pale 3.2%
Squawk Tetrao NE IPA 6.5%
Cloudwater Fresh AF IPA IPA Alcohol Free IPA 0.5%
Cloudwater Happy Pale Ale 3.5%
Cloudwater Fuzzy Hazy Pale 4.2%
Cloudwater SoCal
West Coast Pale
Cloudwater Picadilly Pilsner Pilsner 4.2%
Cloudwater Picadilly Porter Porter 4.5%
Cloudwater Horizon Moves Forward Pale Ale 5.0%
Cloudwater Water World NE IPA 6.0%
Cloudwater Crystallography DIPA West Coast DIPA 8.0%
Cloudwater Know People Who No People DIPA 8.0%
Blackjack Caminada Imperial Stout Chocolate Orange Stout 8.4%
Blackjack Caminada Imperial Stout Imperial Stout 8.4%
Blackjack Dancing Saloon Hazy Pale 5.2%
Blackjack Sparkler Nitro Bitter Pale Bitter 4.0%
Blackjack Ruff Times
Blackjack Squalor Schwarzbier Schwarzbier 5.0%
Blackjack Jeune Saison Small Saison
Blackjack Nitro Manchester Stout Stout
Blackjack Nobel Kellerbier Kellerbier Kellerbier (cask)
Blackjack Salvation! Session IPA Session IPA (cask)
Blackjack Sapele Oak Aged Brown Ale American Brown Ale (Cask)
Bundobust Ekla Centenial IPA 5.5%
Bundobust Big Wow Pale Ale American Pale 5.2% Sureshot
Bundobust Bundobar! Lager Black lager 5.2%
Bundobust Peela Pale Ale 4.0%
Bundobust Patta West Coast IPA West Coast Rye IPA 6.8% Verdant
Hogan’s Wildsider Cider 6.3%
Hogan’s Lonely Partridge Perry 5.0%
Hogan’s Cider Cider 4.5%
Hogan’s Hogans County Cider Bourbon Aged Cider 7.4%
Zapato Zapatapale Cirta Cryo Pale Ale NE Pale Ale 5.5%
Zapato Marzen Lager 4.8%
Zapato Some Something IPA Cold IPA 6.6%
Zapato Frambozen Flemish Red Raspberry Flemish Red 5.0%
Zapato Thwock Pale Ale Hoppy Ale 4.5%
Brulo Lust for Life DDH IPA 0.0%
Brulo 7 Hop 7 Grain DDH IPA 0.0%
Mash Gang chug Hazy Pale 0.5%
Mash Gang Stoop Lager 0.50%
Marble Butterfly Guard IPA 6.5%
Marble ALF IPA Hazy IPA 5.4%
Marble American Pilsner Pilsner 4.2%
Marble Lemon & Bergamot Wit Beer Wit beer 5.1%
Marble Persephone Pale Ale Summer Ale 4.1%
Kees Caramel Fudge Stout Imperial Stout Imperial Chocolate Stout 11.5%
Kees Caramel Fudge Stout Almonds Imperial Stout Imperial Chocolate stout with almonds 11.0%
Kees Caramel Fudge Stout Stroopwaffel Imperial Stout Imperial Chocolate stout with stroopwaffels 11.0%
Kees Caramel Fudge Stout Brandy BA 2023 Imperial Stout Brandy Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 11.5%
Kees Caramel Fudge Stout Cognac BA 2023 Imperial Stout Cognac Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 11.0%
Kees Drop it Like ITs Hot Imperial Stout Pastry Stout 14.5%
Kees 50 Shades of Earl Grey Collab Earl Grey IPA 7.1% Van Moll
Black Iris Skrink Ray Micro IPA 3.0%
Black Iris Strutter Bubbles Pale Ale NZ Pale Ale 5.0% Made Of Teeth
Black Iris Drop The Anchor Black IPA Black IPA 6.5%
Black Iris Meandering Stream Of Murky Blood West Coast IPA Blood Orange West Coast IPA 6.66%
Black Iris Freaks To The Front NEIPA Aussie Hopped NEIPA 6.5%
Black Iris New DIPA (Name TBC) DIPA 8.0%
Dark Revolution Juicy Juice IPA Hazy IPA with Superdelic & Motueka 6.5%
Dark Revolution Bigger Than Prince DIPA DIPA with Nelson Sauvin & Citra 8.0%
Dark Revolution Holy Stout Stout Coconut & Coffee stout 5.6%
Dark Revolution So.LA Pale Ale 4.5%
Dark Revolution El Hefe Hefeweizen Dry Hopped Hefeweizen 5.9%
Phantom Space Weather IPA Peacharine IPA 6.8%
Phantom Revolve DIPA West Coast DIPA 8.4%
Phantom Three Houses IPA Rakau & Amarillo IPA 5.9%
Phantom Balloons Pale Ale Sabro & Amarillo Pale 5.0%
Phantom N is for Nelson DIPA Nelson DIPA 8.0%
Phantom UFOMG IPA Azacca, El Dorado & Bru-1 IPA 7.0%
Phantom Logic IPA Vic Secret & Motueka IPA 7.0%
Thornbridge Jaipur IPA IPA (Cask) 5.9%
Thornbridge Czech Mates Lager Czech Style lager 4.8% Budvar
Thornbridge Chula Vista Sour Lemon & Sea salt sour 4.2%
Thornbridge Green Mountain Session IPA Hazy SIPA 4.3%
Thornbridge West Side Glory West Coast IPA 7.0% Stone
Thornbridge Brock Stout Nitro Stout 4.1%
Thornbridge Kinder DIPA Double NEIPA 8.4% Cloudwater
Thornbridge Necessary Evil English Whisky Imperial Stout BA Imperial Stout 13.0%
Thornbridge Galaxy and Simcoe Hazy Pale Hazy Pale (Cask) 4.0% Bundobust
Thornbridge Tiramisu Lucaria Porter Tiramisu Ice cream porter (Cask) 4.5%
Thornbridge Market Cat Export Porter Porter Export Porter (Cask) 7.0%