IMBC 18 Photos

Well, that was fun. Here’s some photographs from Conrad Ohnuki!

IMBC 17 Photos

IMBC 17 is a goner! Luckily we had Jody Hartley down to photograph it. Here are some choice visuals! Enjoy!

IMBC 16 Photos

Photographs by Jody Hartley

Photographs by Duncan Elliott


And well, that was the Independent Manchester Beer Convention 2015. Thank you to everybody involved. Photographs by Jody Hartley

2014 in photos

Here is small collection of photos by Gary Brown – and Jody Hartley – form 2014’s festival. Cheers to Gary and Jody for their photographic skills!

There’s LOADS more over on our Facebook page if you so wish to have a gander.


Many thanks – TEAM IMBC

IMBC 2013 – A short film

2013 our best year yet?!? Hopefully we have wrapped up all the best bits in this digital documentary made lovingly by Asta Films.

We hope it captures Indy Man Beer Con in all it’s glory, featuring brewers, punters, beer, live music and more.

Special thanks to all the people involved in making this short film and extra special thanks for those who attended, maybe you have a staring role in our film?

Until next year, CHEERS! See you in the baths.

Indy Man Beer Con Manchester 2013 from Asta Films on Vimeo.

IMBC 2012 – a short film

2012 was so much fun! We decided to document it all in a lovely video made by our good friends Asta Films – it features interviews with the brewers, punters and we hope it gives you a great picture of what to expect this year!

Here’s to 2013 – see you back at Victoria Baths for plenty more beer!



IMBC 2012 – Retrospective


Well that was IMBC 2012, we had plenty of fun hosting an amazing event, we hope you did too? It took a while to ‘come down’ from such a great couple of days! Judging by the ever flowing twitter feed it made us glow with all the lovely comments. Thanks everyone!

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