What people said: IMBC 15

With IMBC 2016 just around the corner we thought it was high time we brought together some of the wonderful things people said about last year’s festival.

But I suppose the biggest sense is that this is Manchester.  Sure the atmosphere is made up of people and brewers from far and wide but you get the sense, sharpened by the comments on twitter, that no other beer festival in the UK makes so many things just click all at once and all so very well and it is with a sense of pride that it is Manchester that does it best” – Boozy Procrastinator

It’s the festival that defines all the best parts of the modern British beer scene.” – Beer Compugation

pushes the boundaries of taste and your expectations in a wonderful and excellent quality way” – Wee Beefy

It makes so much difference to step out of your comfort zone, try something new, and support local brewers and businesses. It’s getting the Manchester Tart seal of approval, that’s for sure!” – The Manchester Tart

This really is one of the best beer festivals on offer and it is no wonder that tickets sell out so quickly. Cheers to all involved and roll on IMBC 2016!” – Beer 52

IMBC is one of the most important events on the beer scene at the moment” – A Female View

Hop on the Bike made a wonderful little video:

And Hopzine reviewed some of the beers they sampled and filmed themselves doing it:

And lastly we loved this little amalgamation of opinions from Total Ales featuring some lovely friendly faces.





The dates have been counted and verified and the verdict is in…We are coming back!

6th-9th October 2016
Victoria Baths, Manchester

Details soon…



Wowee! What a whirlwind of an extended weekend as per at IMBC.  By all accounts, you all enjoyed your time at Victoria Baths. We, the organisers, certainly enjoyed the festivities. We might say this every year, but we are fairly certain that this year’s Indy Man Beer Con was the best one yet. We hope you agree! Let the thankings begin…


Firstly, we’d like to thank YOU – the avid beer drinker and intrepid taste bud explorer for coming to IMBC and getting fully involved. You all helped to contribute to the fantastic atmosphere and we hope to see all of your faces again.


A big thank you to all of our sponsors. Cloudwater, Vertical, Beavertown, Hawkshead, Camden Town, Brewdog, and Northern Monk. Each of the aforementioned made their spaces their own and each bar was certainly a destination at the festival. Big thanks also to our sponsors Simply Hops, enablers of many a hop forward beer at IMBC, and Uber, who got many of you home in one piece.


Photograph by David Bailey


Photograph by David Bailey


Photograph by Jody Hartley

Thanks eternal to all the breweries that joined us over Indy Man Beer Con from far and wide. The beers (and ciders!) you brought made each session a smorgasbord of delights. We knew what was coming in most cases but there were some great surprises on offer and the pop-up tastings, as well as scheduled events, went down a treat.


Photograph by David Bailey


Photograph by David Bailey


Photograph by David Bailey

So many thank you’s to our food and snack vendors this year. Outside was truly a masterclass in handheld eating offerings: Bundobust, Almost Famous, Fish &, Great North Pie, Diamond Dogs, and Honest Crust all made each session’s sustenance selection the happiest of headaches. Not to be outdone, our indoor snack vendors laid on the greatest beer pairings we’ve seen yet. These included delights from Karkli, We Eat, and Epicerie Ludo – as well as sweet treats from the formidable Idle Hands.


Photograph by David Bailey


Photograph by David Bailey

Speaking of which, we must thank Idle Hands for keeping us caffeinated throughout Indy Man Beer Con, serving up some of the best coffee that Manchester has seen and gladly offering up a change of gear at IMBC. Likewise, we rain gratitude down upon London’s award winning soft drink makers, Square Root Soda, for their superb seasonal softs and cocktail wizardry at this year’s festival.


A thousand thank you’s to our volunteers, as usual your kindly efforts made the festival possible and ensured that everything ran smoothly. Thank you for your hard work during the setup at Victoria Baths, your endeavours throughout, and the pack down after the lights had faded. We couldn’t have done it without you!


The wonderful We Can performed canning heroics throughout IMBC. Enabling, for the first time at a beer festival, you the punter to take any beer home in a CAN. They were amazing and the machine canned beers in about five seconds. It was a great success for all involved and we hope to have We Can on the case next time around!


Photograph by Jody Hartley

On the visual side of things, we must throw our arms up in the air and thank the design gods for Steve Hockett. Steve has been our man since day dot of IMBC and this year was no exception. We love his snorkelling Indy Man and we were as pumped as we’ve ever been with this year’s IMBC glass, truly a design classic in the making.


Thanks infernal also to our website builders, Oh Digital, for enabling our first foray into the world of digital beer lists.Massive thanks to Noisebox, MSL, and Hollowsphere for making the baths look and sound incredible. On an aural note, we are forever thankful to all our DJs that played over the course of IMBC. Special thanks also to the live acts that threw down on Sunday. There was never a dull moment in Room 3.



Photograph by David Bailey

Lastly, Indy Man Beer Con wouldn’t be Indy Man Beer Con without the superb surroundings of Victoria Baths. We thank the building, the history, and the hard work of the Victoria Baths staff for housing us once more. The setting is definitely a major part of what makes this festival special, having such inspirational surroundings fuels IMBC & makes each session a real event. Thank you Martin, Chris, and the team for continuing to house us, we miss you already.


See you next year!



Volunteers Wanted!

Two weeks to go until IMBC commences & we are still on the lookout for volunteers at this year’s festival. If you, or anyone you know, is interested then please get in touch. Check out what you get as a volunteer at IMBC in the attention grabbing poster below.

Email us on volunteers@indymanbeercon.co.uk



IMBC 15 Breweries

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Here is the brewery list for IMBC 15. More day-to-day info to follow SOON.


1. NZ Collective:
8 Wired (New Zealand)
Renaissance (New Zealand)
Three Boys (New Zealand)
Tuatara (New Zealand)
Yeastie Boys (New Zealand)
2. Against The Grain (USA)
3. Firestone Walker (USA)
4. Galway Bay (Ireland)
5. Jopen (Netherlands)
6. Mikkeller (Denmark)
7. Põjhala (Estonia)
8. Lervig (Norway)
9. Tilquin (Belgium)
10. Nómada (Spain)


11. Cloudwater (Manchester)
12. Northern Monk (Leeds)
13. Hawkshead (Staveley)
14. Camden (London)
15. Beavertown (London)
16. Brewdog (Aberdeen)
17. Ad Hop (Liverpool)
18. Almasty (Newcastle)
19. Alpha State (London)
20. Alphabet (Manchester)
21. Atom (Hull)
22. Black Iris (Nottingham)
23. Blackjack (Manchester)
24. Brew By Numbers (London)
25. Burning Sky (Firle, Sussex)
26. Buxton (Buxton)
27. The Celt Experience (Caerphilly)
28. Chorlton Brewing Co. (Manchester)
29. Cromarty (Cromarty)
30. Elgoods (Cambridgeshire)
31. Five Oh Brew Co (Manchester)
32. Hammerton (London)
33. Hanging Bat Brew Co (Edinburgh)
34. The Kernel (London)
35. Kirkstall (Leeds)
36. Left Handed Giant (Bristol)
37. Mad Hatter (Liverpool)
38. Magic Rock (Huddersfield)
39. Moor (Bristol)
40. Orbit (London)
41. Partizan (London)
42. Quantum (Stockport)
43. Redchurch (London)
44. Runaway (Manchester)
45. Siren (Berkshire)
46. Squawk (Manchester)
47. Thornbridge (Bakewell)
48. Track (Manchester)
49. Vocation (Hebden Bridge)
50. Weird Beard (London)
51. Wild Beer (Somerset)
52. Zapato & The Beak (Leeds)
53. Wiper & True (Bristol)
54. Wylam Brewery (Wylam)


The following beers were paired by pulling out of 3 hats, 1 contained fruits (roughly), 1 contained styles and the final contained breweries. You’ll never believe what happened next.

Weird Beard/Lervig with IMBC: Gooseberry Pale
Northern Monk with IMBC: Quince IPA
Madhatter with IMBC: Seaweed Gose
Cromarty with IMBC: Bilberry Saison
Squawk with IMBC: Fig Stout
Hanging Bat with IMBC: Sloe Wit

In a first for IMBC, We Can will be providing cans for takeaway. Grab an empty can, take it to the tap of your choice to get it filled, take it back and We Can seal will seal it – the beer will last around 5 days. We Can will also be selling the above collaboration beers, these will last up to 6 months. Takeouts just got verified!



IMBC Launch at Port Street Beer House


We are having a small party at our brethren Port Street Beer House to unveil some tasters of what to expect at this year’s Indy Man Beer Con.

Consider it an announcement of everything that is going to be going down at IMBC. Brewers will be unveiled, eating houses unlocked, and special events earmarked.

Expect beers across the boards at Port Street from the breweries that we have been collaborating with ahead of IMBC. Details on that soon.

Food will be on hand from Epicerie Ludo, expert snack vending from the award-winning Chorlton deli. Take in all the information we’ll be laying down with an Aficionado soundtrack ~ provided by kingpin, Jason Boardman, who will again be curating some of the sounds at this year’s IMBC.

There will also be cans galore from the go to craft canning canners, WeCan. Find out all about their crafty can plans for IMBC…

Hope you can join us!

Facebook event page here




Going, Going, Gone…well, almost

The tickets, they are a-selling. Sessions everywhere, anticipation tantamount, beer imminent. Just 87(!) days to go. Here’s  an update for you on what sessions are available…

Thursday, 8th October – 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (still available)
Friday Day, 9th October TRADE session – 11:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m. (still available)
Friday Evening, 9th October – 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. ***SOLD OUT***
Saturday Day, 10th October – 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ***SOLD OUT***
Saturday Evening, 10th October – 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. ***SOLD OUT***
Sunday, 11th October – 1pm to 7 pm (still available)
Full Fat Tickets to all sessions ***SOLD OUT***

Jump aboard that Thursday night train, that Friday day feeling, that Sunday afternoon closing ceremony WHILST YOU CAN. Each session is unique, like a snowflake. Collect ’em all!

If you are in the trade and want to attend the Friday day session, please email trade@indymanbeercon.co.uk. The session is also open to the public, but of course!

Tickets here


Tickets for IMBC 2015

It’s February, a bit grey, still cold… so to brighten up your screens, we bring you the news that IMBC tickets will go on sale on Monday, 1st June 9am!

We will of course be back at Victoria Baths in Manchester.

Put it in the diary now, tell your mates, call your siblings, get everyone organised, you have four months to do so, get on it.

Session times are as follows:

  • Thursday, 8th October – 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
  • Friday Day, 9th October TRADE session – 11:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m.
  • Friday Evening, 9th October – 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
  • Saturday Day, 10th October – 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday Evening, 10th October – 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
  • Sunday, 11th October – 1pm to 7 pm

If you are in the trade and want to attend the Friday day session, please email trade@indymanbeercon.co.uk. The session is also open to the public, we like to keep things relaxed!

As always, watch our Twitter feed and the website for news and updates… with that, we better crack on!

Team IMBC x