Seven questions for… Dominic Driscoll

Dominic Driscoll runs a tight ship at Thornbridge as production manager at Thornbridge, and the consistency of the beers speaks for itself.

Where are you right now?
In the brewery control room, overseeing a brew of Jaipur destined for cask.

Describe your brewery in just five words?
Innovation, Passion, Knowledge of course!

What does IMBC mean to you?
The modern incarnation of the beer festival of which IMBC pioneered always means getting to talk to our customers properly and getting great feedback on our beer which normal festivals do not allow. Catching up with brewer-friends and their new beers is always fun but in a venue like Victoria Baths it becomes something of a magical experience!

If you had chance to make one beer before you died, what would it be?
I’d really, really like to make Otto, our Doppel Weizenbock again! But the Sour Brown project is something I’m very excited about…

Best beer you had at a beer festival in the past six months, where and when?
Beavertown’s Lemon Phantom was spectacularly good at the London Craft Beer Festival, but Tegernsee Hell at GBBF was a special treat.

On a scale of one to 10, how excited are you about IMBC 2014?
10! I absolutely cannot wait! Although I may regret entering the Birmingham half marathon which happens the week after…

Final question, have you ever swam in a Victorian Baths and what’s your preferred choice of swimwear?
I haven’t but I know someone who has – the head chef at the Font in Manchester. I’m a speedos man all the way – I look amazing in them.

Thanks Dom, we look forwarding to seeing you in the baths soon!

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