Squeezing in a few more: Collaborations 12, 13, and 14

It was time to leave Manchester behind again, to travel to our great friends at Thornbridge. Last year’s Otter’s Tears was a massive hit on the bar, and we’re hoping that this year’s effort, Cedar, will be similarly well received. With the help of Jon from our bros at The Beagle and Pete, the enthusiastic Hall brewer, we brewed a hoppy amber ale, stuffing the copper with lots of last minute Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, and Ahtanum. Further Centennial in the dry hop should make this beer reminiscent of the redwoods of California, hence the name, Cedar. We enjoyed Dom’s little tour around the Riverside facility, where six more fermenters are now on order and then it was time to say farewell again.

One more quick trip to that London saw us stuff Redchurch’s mash tun full to the brim — more than 300 kilos of grain to brew one beast of a Porter. The mash smelled and looked incredible. Gary reports there may or may not be some last minute fruit addition in the FV… we simply had to have a huge London Porter represented! We had a blast, and enjoyed a lovely drink or two at the new and improved Redchurch brewery tap, a wonderful space featuring a turntable and darts. What could possibly go wrong?

Back in sunny Stockport, we returned to where many of our collabs in the past have started: at Quantum. This year, Jay’s been experimenting with Brett and making sour beers so naturally, we had to make a Berliner Schwarz! Lots of wheat malt, and chocolate and black malt on the sparge for colour, and the Berliner Schwarz was born. Sour and dark, it ought to be a lovely palate cleanser at a nice low ABV to keep you going.

Cheers to all the breweries who have hosted us this year, can’t wait to try the beers!

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