Seven questions for Richard Burhouse

Richard Burhouse and Magic Rock have been raking in the accolades, winning Gold at the World Beer Cup for Salty Kiss this year. Plans to expand hit a snag in August, but Rich is undeterred and new, large premises for a bigger brew house will be found. Here’s what Rich had to say:

Where are you right now?

In the brewery

Describe your brewery in just five words?

Where we make our beer

What does IMBC mean to you?

Independent Manchester Beer Convention

If you had chance to make one beer before you died, what would it be?

Whatever was on the brew plan that week

Best beer you had at a beer festival in the past six months, where and when?

Palate Wrecker, Green Flash. Copenhagen Beer Festival

On a scale of one to 10, how excited are you about IMBC 2014?


Final question, have you ever swam in a Victorian Bath and what’s your preferred choice of swimwear?

No, but I believe Morrissey used to swim in these ones.


Thanks Rich! – Join Magic Rock in Room Three across ALL IMBC sessions!

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