What beers are on and when?

Keep it locked to our IMBC app. Available via the App Store and Google Play for live beer updates during IMBC 17. Each brewery bar will have a beer board so you can scan what’s on with your eyes if you’d prefer to keep your head up. Paper beer lists are available on request but we’d advise that they quickly go out of date as they are printed at the start of each sessions and there are a lot of changes throughout each session. For the most accurate line-up at your session, use our new app. Search “IMBC” in your device’s app store.

Thursday’s starting beer line-up will be available on the app from Wednesday 27th September 2017. The beer list will then be updated live from that point.

How much are beer tokens?

All beers at IMBC 17 are one token each. Beers at IMBC are served in 1/3 pint measures. The price of the beer token is based upon an average of the beer ordering. 11 token bundles are available at £25 (£2.27 per beer). Single beer tokens are available at £2.50 each.

How do I buy food?

Food tokens will be available. The tokens are £1 each. Food is available outside in the Food Village or from snack vendors in Room 1. Snack vendors will accept food tokens / beer tokens in some cases, please see their pricing during the festival.

What happens when I arrive?

Your ticket will be scanned from your mobile device – or printout – you will then be given a glass and a programme on entry and you can make your way to the token desks. One is located inside in Room 2. The other is located outside, by the food village.

I’m interested in attending a tasting. What do I do?

Please consult our talks and tastings schedule prior and enquire at the token desk on arrival to book your place. We recommend doing this sooner rather than later at each session as places are limited. ALSO, we have a number of spontaneous pop-up tasting sessions at bars at each session so keep an ear out and an eye on twitter for updates. There will be a horn sounding and a picket sign directing you where to go.

What if I don’t like beer?

You’ll live! We are dealing with a strong arm in non-beers at this year’s IMBC. Hogan’s Cider will be running a cider bar. Manchester gin distillery Three Rivers will be running a gin bar. London craft soda makers Square Root will be running a soft drink and cocktail bar. And last, but not least, Idle Hands will cover all your hot drinks needs with their specialist coffees. Score!

What’s happening? I’m confused

Don’t be. Please explore the wonder of Victoria Baths and get your bearings. Consult the map in the programme you were given on entry or look at our app for specifics. If you need any assistance please look out for somebody in an IMBC t-shirt.

Other Half cans? Tell me more!

Two different Other Half cans will be available at the festival in a VERY limited quality. We have 18 cans of Other Half per session. These are limited to one can of each beer per customer. Other Half cans are strictly for drink-in purposes only. Cans are priced at four beer tokens each. If you miss out on cans please don’t be sad, Other Half are pouring kegs at every session.

What will I drink if I’m gluten intolerant?

This year, for the first time at IMBC, we will have a GLUTEN FREE beer bar hosted by First Chop, Manchester brewery whose beers are all gluten free. There will also be cider, gin, and cocktails available at the festival.

I’m hungry?

Yes, me too. There will be vegetarian and vegan options across the board, as well as meat forward fare. Find snack vendors in Room 1 on our “snack shelf” and hot food stuffs outside in our Food Village. Full food line-up HERE.

My glass is dirty, I’m sad?

Each bar at IMBC 17 is equipped with a water tap so hand over your glass and we’ll rinse it.

I wish I could take a particular beer home. Can I?

Yes you can. Or rather, Yes WE CAN. We Can, our mobile canning friends, will be there to can ANY beer from the festival. You can can any beer for the price of 2 x beer tokens. We Can will be located at the back of the Room 2.

As well as that option you will also have a bottle shop on site, courtesy of the excellent BEER MERCHANTS so you can take away some high grade options to keep the party going.

Can kids and dogs come?

Children are very welcome to attend IMBC before 7pm on any given session accompanied by a guardian. Dog-wise, guide dogs are welcome but the rest of our canine friends have to stay at home. Victoria Baths is an old building with lots of nooks and crannies. It will also most likely be a busy, noisy environment and we don’t want any dogs to get trodden on or scared. Same goes for kids so keep ’em close!

When is last orders?

Last orders are called 10 minutes before the end of each session and we stop pouring at the end time of each session.

Will there be merch?

Yes. There will be essential IMBC 17 merch items as well as a smattering of merch available from breweries on a case by case basis. IMBC apparel, poster prints, and more.

Beer Merchants will be taking care of your takeout needs alongside We Can…if you consider beers “merch”, which I do. Beer Merchants and our merchandise desk will take cash or card. You can pay two beer tokens to have ANY beer at the festival canned with We Can, simply go to whichever bar and they will put it in a can and THEN proceed the back of Room 2 where We Can will seal your beer.

Where do I go once I’ve left Victoria Baths?

The city is teeming with events over IMBC weekend. Check out our IMBC 17 fringe for highlights across Manchester or search #IMBC17Fringe on twitter.

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