2016 Beer list

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Brewery Beer Style
Export Porter
Cry For Help, Rick 7.4%
Parma Porter 6%
Export Porter 7.2%
Teleporter 5%
Passionfruit & Coconut Porter 6.5%
Patrons Project 1.01 7.4%
Patrons Project 1.02 7.4%
Patrons Project 1.03 7.4%
Bourbon BA Brett Porter ,
Common Grounds 5.4%
Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte 10%
Bourbon BA Brett Porter 6% ,
Export India Porter 5.9%
Old School Baltic Porter 10%
Still Lifestyle 7.3%
Chocolate Porter 7%
Black Russian 7%
Smoked Farmhouse Porter 7.4%
Smog Rocket 5.4%
vs Smokin’ Bees Imperial Whisky Smoked Honey Porter 10%